Innovating Engineering

Students will be introduced to a range of science and technology through this family of courses designed for a range of grade levels, including physics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and chemical engineering.


Students dive into the world of computer science with Python, the most popular programming language. Students will learn Python syntax and the fundamentals of logic, solve challenging problems, control robots and devices, and create games, gaining a deeper understanding of computers and their inner workings.

Digital Art

Under our instructor's guidance, students create works of art using the same software employed by industry professionals, and learn fundamental concepts of art such as shape, texture, form, space, color, and value.


Students construct an autonomous robotic car powered by the Raspberry Pi 3, program it with python through secure shell, and learn about the underlying science that makes each component of the robot work.

Junior Robotics

Students are introduced to the world of robotics, building and programming their own child-friendly robot using block based programming.

Computer-Aided Design

Students will learn to use Computer-Aided Design software used by professionals to create 3D models of real world objects using a combination of engineering and artistic skills.

Mathematical Reasoning Through Art

Students will learn about mathematical concepts such as geometry, angles, orthogonal planes, hyperbola, and more, and use these concepts in the creation of art.

Studio Art

Students will employ a variety of artistic media such as oil paint, water paint, pastels, and more to create artwork and learn about concepts like value, hue, space, contrast, and weight.