Level I: Fundamental of Robotics

The Fundamentals of Robotics course is designed for students that are new to programming and robotics. Students will learn the basics of engineering and coding as they build their robot and use Python, a widely used programming language, to move their robot. Through hands-on, project-based learning, students have the opportunity to discover and experience STEM principles in an engaging and fun environment.

Level II: Beginning Robotics

The Beginning Robotics course is engineered to expand upon the concepts introduced in Level I and broaden students’ understanding of the way in which robots interact with the world around them. Students will learn how to incorporate sensors into their robot and use infrared (IR) obstacle detection and line-tracking (LT) technology to navigate more challenging courses and improve upon the robot’s versatility.  

Level III: Intermediate Robotics

The Intermediate Robotics course is geared towards students with prior experience with programming and robotics. Students will learn to incorporate the use of a sonar sensor, use statistical methods for analyzing and interpreting data, and apply elements of electrical engineering to improve the functionality of their robot.  Additionally, Level III will give students the opportunity to introduce decision-making elements to their programs, allowing the robot to take on a mind of its own.