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Windtree Education

Inspiring future science and technology leaders.

We are excited to announce our Creative Engineering Classes on Campus starting September!  Please check the school tabs to see if your school has our programs.


Windtree Education, as a non-profit organization in the USA, we encourage innovation, build confidence, promote teamwork, and inspire students to become STEAM leaders. By teaching students about robotics, 3D design, coding, and engineering, we imbue in them the means to solve the problems of today and the future.

Windtree Education

981 Corporate Center Drive Suite #120
Pomona, CA 91768
Tel: (909) 629-0015

Hours: Mon – Fri 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Student Reactions

Sara (1st grade)

What I like about 3D is that I can make anything unique and print it and call it mine.


We loved creating a robot with you guys.  Thank you Mr. Ramirez, Mrs. Chan, Ms. Ramos and the rest of the crew.  We had a lot of fun.


Thank you for coming to our school to show us how to make robots.  It was very fun for me because I have never made a robot, and you all made my wish come true.


Thank you for coming to our school.  It was the time of my life because I got to learn lots of things.


Thank you for coming to our school.  We had a lot of fun doing Robotics. A special thanks to Mrs. Chan, Mr. To, Ms. Ramos and the other Robotics helpers.  We loved building our robot with you all.


Thank you  for coming to my school to teach and let us build robots.  The part I loved the most was when our robots danced all because of us.  My parents loved when they got to build half of the robot too.


We enjoyed robotics.  My favorite part about robotics was when we were programming our robots.  It was very fun when we did the robot dance at the end.


Thank you for teaching us robotics.  It was fun, and I hope you can come again.  I had fun programming and building the robot.  It was the hardest part but the most fun part.


Thank you for teaching me how to program a robot and making it dance.  Those five weeks were fun. It was easy learning to make the robot go left and right and arc-left and arc-right.  I appreciate you all for teaching us.


We want to thank you all for making our days of fun.  It was fun making the robots, and my favorite part was when our robots were dancing.  The hardest part was the Geo Course because it was very hard to program the robots. I really enjoyed making the robot so thank you for all that you did for us.


I just want to say that it was really fun building robot cars.  You made us very happy because it was fun typing in the codes and making the robot dance.


I am so glad that you were able to visit my school.  I really enjoyed programming and running the car. I will miss building robots with you all.  You make a great team.


I liked when we got to program the robot at the competition.  I also liked when my team got an award at the end of the competition.